The Hero – Poetry 201 – Day 6

Flowing strong and proud he came,
Strong and proud and fanned,
Flickering faster than a firing flame,
Flickering through their land.

Tail of coat left flying free,
Whispering in the night,
Tail released, now flying free,
Whispering through the light.

Dark or light, he has no fear
Of those with bad intent,
Dark or light, he strips veneer,
Watches their descent.

He laughs then cries at their lament,
Finding pain in what he does,
He knows there is no other way,
It’s his to see and judge.

A hero, heroine, come to rest,
It matters not a tot,
His job remains, to strip the rest
And find the better lot.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Today’s defining details:-
… Prompt: Hero(ine)
… Form: Ballad
… Device: Anaphora and Epistrophe

So, we write a ballad with a hero or heroine, repeating word/s at the beginning (anaphora) and/or the end (epistrophe) of lines. Easy, yes?! Um….NO!! Phew! This course just becomes more and more difficult – fantastic! I love a challenge – but really?! This took some time and effort – mmm- doesn’t all learning though? 🙂
Hope you like my response – please let me know! 🙂

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