On matters of a GRAY kind

After the fun Limerick, a more serious note. The movie 50 Shades of Gray broke box office records here in SA this last weekend and, seemingly around the world. I don’t get it! Do the majority of women want to be dominated and controlled? Is this how they ‘find’ themselves? I’m missing something here. Read Micelle’s post. She has been there…

Gumboots and Grammar


Today, my flag is raised half-mast and my head hung low with sorrow. The day seems bleak and grey, disappointment a wet dog blanket around my shoulders. I want to shake the wet rag off me, but choose to linger in its noisome ambiance for a moment longer, allowing it to heighten my perceptions and feelings; embracing the significance of the moment.
I can choose to ignore it or to see it for what it is.
Being who I am, I cannot turn a blind eye, therefore I have to lift my head and look the cause of my disappointment squarely in the eye.
Righteousness is my middle name. I have a low tolerance for social injustice in any form, shape or size and an uncanny ability to ask the kind of questions that stirs these fiends out of their hiding places. Armed with uncomfortable questions and a stubbornness that…

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5 comments on “On matters of a GRAY kind

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Rob. We who look out in dismay and puzzlement at people behaving like sheep, find some little bit of solace in the knowledge that we are not alone in looking at truth, seeing and saying it….

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