More Wayward Ramblings on Death and Dying

Another page is up on ‘Wayward Ramblings’ – More Ramblings on Death and Dying….

Back to poetry on Tuesday I promise!! 🙂

I am often perplexed by the many different perspectives surrounding death and dying.

Do we ‘move on’? Do we go to a ‘better place’?

Or do the electrical impulses and chemicals coursing through our body simply slow down, recede, stop…and that’s it. The end!?

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6 comments on “More Wayward Ramblings on Death and Dying

  1. I ask the very same questions. I have the religious side and also admit a lot of understand of lets say secular view. Perhaps the wrong way of putting this is I am dying to find out. No time soon though.


  2. Maybe we worry about it too much….but we know we can’t do anything about it, so why worry? Because we do. And then we worry about worrying….it’s all thought..about the past and the future, neither of which exist….Except. when we think about them…in the present!
    As Shakespeare wrote: “What a piece of work is man…”


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