Bare Soul In The Frame

mona lisa

I feel your eyes watching every move,
As I rise to wakefulness,
Find my groove.

Would it were you could travel with,
Hide in my bag, fulfill the myth,
But the secrets you carry, secreted safe,
Could seriously rub and desperately chafe.

You’ve known me closest, more than any,
I’ve whispered my truths, maybe too many,
My faults and mistakes, my thoughts and my lies,
My inner meanings, my laughs and my cries.

You’ve wondered with me through answers deep,
Felt the need throughout me seep,
Heard questions spoken, loud and clear,
And secrets whispered to an inner ear.

You have been there all this time,
Smiling eyes watching mine,
Dimpled cheeks, flawless brow,
Laughlines speaking … up to now,
For now comes silence, thick and fast,
Ending discussions shared in the past.

You now look straight through me, small, serene,
Refuse to pass on your thoughts unseen,
Feeling all my dark despair,
No longer venturing with me there,
As if the pain was mine alone,
To carry with me on my own.

You do not say, you cannot speak,
I turn your frame and in silence seek.

You’ve never moved nor changed your pose,
Standing as your artist chose,
Yet I move forwards, onwards, up,
Though never lose your loving touch.
Searching for your being sublime,
Now feeling answers that are mine,
Always were, always will be,
But it’s not the same when it’s only me.

I long for a flicker, a sign of life,
To prove you are real,
More than paint and knife,

Understanding my wait is a wait so in vain,
You can never be with me as we were again,
We’ve both moved on to pastures new,
I’ll rehang your frame where the sun touches you,
And smile at your face as I walk quietly by,
Remembering the times when you’d quietly sigh.


© Copyright February 2015 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright statement


4 comments on “Bare Soul In The Frame

  1. A very poignant and lovely poem, Rob. Loss…longing….talking to pictures, I am very familiar with these. It always helps to read the expressions of others on these subjects……compassion (from Latin com passio) meaning “suffering together”.

    Liked by 1 person

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