Snow To…


I watched the snow fall
Flake by flake,
A silent blanket as heaven weeped,
A smooth, frozen lake of tears,
Pure, white, deafening in the
Silence of its fall,
Numbing the senses with the
Covering that formed.

I watched the snow turn,
Some days later,
To the slush of a once remembered recent past,
Water mixed with mud and dirt,
Blended by the churning of feet and wheels and paws,
Iced again by the freezing cold.

I watched as the pure silence turned
To mashed filth,
As the pristine blanket was torn apart,
As it melded with the land,
Dissipated in the dark.

I watched silent and helpless,
The annual process of joy and wonderment
From snow, to slush and ice to … gone.


© September 2009 – Robin McShane
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement


5 comments on “Snow To…

  1. You’ve certainly captured that deafening silence which occurs with the magic of snowfall…….The part about its being gone, I can’t relate to, as I sit here looking out my window at several feet of the frozen stuff all around… 🙂 I guess some of us just have to wait longer for the process to unfold. We’ll get the disillusionment in March…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, March only! Phew! Thanks for your comment Cynthia – always good to hear your perspective (any constructive criticism also more than welcome!).
      I wrote this from my memory of snow growing up in the south of the UK – so it was not so heavy there! 🙂 – you may be interested to know that the temp here today was 38! Snow would have been welcome! 🙂


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