Rain, Life

Rain came
Carried me away in buckets of fire, snow and ice
Labelled me victorious
Slushed me with more
Washed me with less
Hid parts of me
Exposed others
Took the wind from my lungs
And lashed the coast of my being
In hurricane like breezes
Made from my own breath
Howling from within
Demanding change
A difference
Anything but this

Yet this is the reason I am here
And the solace my soul seeks

To deny it
Denies life

Life will not be denied


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement


9 comments on “Rain, Life

  1. This is very thought provoking Rob, and I could quite easily take it as a poem for me and the days when I argue with the MS so visciously while it smiles smugly and tells me to like it or lump it; it’s here to stay. 😊 In fact you may well have inspired me to write these thoughts down as they are very very present at the moment as Christmas gets closer and I watch everyone from this side often the window scurrying here, there and everywhere, wishing to no avail, that I could be out there with them among it all.

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    • Thank you for your detailed comment Christine! Oh dear, I feel conflicted as am happy the poem stirs thought yet sad as to the content thereof…wish I could give you wings or at least legs that worked 😦 For myself, I try not to compare to pre-MS days or to others. I am as I am – in each moment! Must say since the reaction to the Tysabri last week though I almost feel ‘resistance is futile’! So, find other ways to occupy my mind whilst my body does what it does. Forgive me -could still be the drugs talking! We each manage in our own way – much like we each have our own perceptions on life, poetry, etc. How boring if we were all the same, and kind of pointless I think! Thoughts with you dear Christine. Your heart and soul are greater than how you find yourself now, yes?

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