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That burning desire, which have set its dwelling place right at the core of your being – that PASSION is there for a reason. That is the essence of your being. Acknowledge it. Allow it to come out of its hiding place. Embrace it. Become acquainted with it and let it guide you on your journey.

In a world obsessed with performance, may you find the joy of being who you are and embracing your true identity. May you taste the wonderful bliss of living from your WILD HEART.

From 1 December 2014 I will be daily posting the stories of people that have dared to embrace their wild heart and are pursuing and living their dream. Please join us as they share their passion with us.



A fascinating fragrance you are.

Compounds delicately blended

by skilled hands deftly measuring, weighing,

essential ingredients with care selected.

Complexity of…

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