Fish and Chips Please

Please bring me fish and chips,
On a day it doesn’t rain,
So I can see your face once more,
Share time with you again.

Don’t matter if it’s cod or hake,
Nor chips be cold and soggy,
Don’t matter if you know my name,
I’ll still feel sick and soppy.

A feeling from my past, you see,
How I used to long for you,
Yet hang my head in shame,
When you came into view.

Funny, now, to miss you so,
‘Membering furtive glances deep,
Hidden with so much meaning,
At least I’d like to think!

I still see your dimples
Raising lips above your teeth,
Your braces shining brightly,
Stainless steel beauty bequeath.

Stolen smiles and touches brief,
Young love in the making,
Until one day you moved away,
My heart and smile a-taking.

I lie here now, all old and frail,
My body near it’s end,
Then you come through the swinging doors,
All lightness, brightness, friend.

So, fish and chips will nicely do,
Bring back the times we shared,
Surrounded by nostalgic mist,
I’ll follow you anywhere.

Into the dark, into the light,
Wherever love will lead us,
We’ll hold our hands and raise a smile
And dare the world impede us!


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane


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