Beneath The Experience

My essence shares my being
As I wend my way through life,
Feels each experience with
No judgement, good or strife.

Gathers seeds of knowledge
In the process of my growth,
Pulls it all together
For the overself.

I find I’m often blinded
By the experience of tell,
Forgetting there is reason,
Beneath the outer shell.

Seeing what I want to see,
Ignoring all the facts,
Maintaining what is comfortable
Where I prefer to act.

I probably won’t see beyond
As I take the challenger route,
Yet surely will see it later
When it all comes home to roost.

So, no matter circumstances,
How gross, abused, disturbed,
There are always lessons in there,
Absorbed, affected, heard.

I just need to believe it,
Trust the process,
Walk the walk,
For no-one else can live my life,
It’s mine to walk and talk.


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane


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