Following Dreams

Dreams came insubstantial,
Translucent, misty things,
Made in tumult,
Crushed in fear,
Bathed in shadows,
Washed in tear,
Never seeing light of day,
Too much clutter in the way,
How to live and what to do
When living drains the life from you?

Choose to follow, arms outstretched,
Live the moment, fully entrenched,
Feel each heartbeat, love each breath,
Move purposely forward, step by step.

Moments chosen carefully,
Thoughts placed gently out,
Will benefit each one alive,
There really is no doubt,
Create a stronger field,
For each of us to be,
Pursue the life we chose,
To fulfil our spiritual need,
Guide us up our purpose path,
Towards our chosen dream,
Lead us by the hand
To hope, fulfilment, home.

Our dreams await……


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