New Med – The End?

Brain fog
Comes and goes
How long it stays
No-one knows

Now I wonder
Why I dream
While life passes by
I have no steam

I sit and write
Words tumble out
Yet make no sense
Just roll about

I don’t feel tired
But when I write
I can see my mind
Is not quite right

The better words
With meaning deep
Seem so elusive
Fly away quick

So here I try
To make some sense
While brain keeps clearing
All the mess

In a week two
It could be back
Yet next week
We try a new track

A brand new med
To slow the rot
Reactions though
We know not what

So, if next week
I am not here
Please just know
I went with good cheer!

© Copyright Robin McShane – October 2014
Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright


2 comments on “New Med – The End?

    • Thank you Cynthia… Gratefully received. I am a little apprehensive, as you can tell no doubt! 🙂 Am sure all will be well! Touch of paranoia! Need to leave it in hands greater than mine! 🙂


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