From Drugs to Beginnings

I touch ground
Ravaged by the soporific effects of the solumedrol
The drug that soothes my nerves yet fires my mind
Spatters my thoughts into a thousand arrows
Each off in their own direction
On their own path
No coherence
No sense
No semblance of reality

I slide into the morass of drug induced mist
Wraith-like drifting through
Following arrows
Pointedly heading to a point which does not exist

Time passes
Body exhumes and exhales
Drug excretes

Mind returns
Old patterns and ways
Boring reminisces of a life lived
Slipping slowly back inexorably
Into what was
What is

What shall be?
Can it be different?
I no longer want to be the same
This is a chance for a new beginning
Opportunities for a new me

Loosen my thoughts
Leave them free to roam
Change their tired patterns, grooves, ruts
Find open roads
Yet to be explored
Yet to be found
Yet to be lived

Hope lives eternally
In the inner me
To find a better way
A better me

Hope and love will work their magic

A puff of smoke
A new me stands before you

As I was in the beginning

A smile spreads my face
Anticipation fills my being
A new time has begun

© Robin McShane – October 2014

Rights reserved according to this blogs copyright


4 comments on “From Drugs to Beginnings

    • Thanks Christine! Phew! Think this was the worst one yet (the 18th time!). First time a selfish secondary infection decided it was a good time to get me – while I was down! and, boy, I went down! 🙂 Climbing back up now though…and the world looks different….again! 🙂


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