The Communal Pool

Where do you go
When your heart needs to work?
What do you do
With loves residue?

Think on it hard,
Feel on it fast,
For opportunities coming
May not last and last.

Take to the fields,
Run to the land,
Go where the poor,
Need a helping hand.

Give where you feel
Your heart can do best,
Be it your time or your money,
Your shirt or your vest.

Be sure helping others
Is not running away
From your earthly lessons
As you move through each day.

For in giving we join
With the communal pool,
So what we put in, comes back,
As a rule.

Upstanding, upright,
Base and adverse,
All mixes together
For better or worse.

So the pool we end up with
Belongs to us all,
As each of us built it
The great and the small.

Each thought passing through,
Every action we take,
Ripples onward and outward,
Joins the pool in its wake.

Awareness of self,
Thoughts, actions and deeds,
Displays who we are,
Our wants and our needs.

And added together
Creates all that we are,
Around us and in us,
Our world and our star

© Copyright September 2014 Robin McShane

All Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

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