Love’s Place

Love holds me tight
In her warm embrace,
My Universe lights up,
Milky ways of ships and stars
Pass me by,
As if to an old friend,
Then slip quietly on their way.

It is warm and safe in love’s embrace,
For a moment,
This moment,
All we have
Before life moves us on
To we know not what,

Yet with the knowledge of this place
All others can be managed, accepted,
Experiences felt and learnt.

This safe place
Dims all others in it’s light
And moves us through
Life’s eternal path,
Moths to flame,
Fish to water,
Me to love’s place.

 © Copyright Robin McShane – July 25 2014

As per this blogs copyright


5 comments on “Love’s Place

  1. Oh this is gorgeous Rob. Absolutely lovely. I so love those last three lines. Ive read the poem twice and will read again. It reminded me of one I wrote recently but havent posted yet, about feeling safe, very different in wording but essentially the same meaning I think. I may post it sometime soon. 😊


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