Answering The Call

She called,
He came running,
To what, he never knew,
It was enough to know she called,
This time.

Note : this style is called American Cinquain! Created by American poet Adelaide Crapsey. It’s a 5 line poem with 22 syllables in 2,4,6,8,2 formation. Often used to teach grammar, I have played with it a little here!  🙂


2 comments on “Answering The Call

  1. Really good Rob. This is a good way of saying a lot in a few words I think and thats exactly what I feel you have done here! I am used to the cinquain that uses five lines and goes first line one word, second, two words, third three words and fourth one word. This form is also known as Elfje poetry. There is a site I I joined called Simply Elfje and if you have a look there is a place for submissions. I sometimes send a few in. Libby, whose site it is says she hasnt had many submissions lately and hasnt enough now to post every day so is posting just once a week I think. Im sure she would welcome more! 😊 I think she is away at the moment but she said we can atill submit and ahe will post them when she is back.


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