Find Your Way Slowly

Exploring poetry types, I came across a list and thought it might be fun to try the different styles. So, as an exercise in creativity (!), the next few posts will be in a specific recognised style.

The following is called ‘Acrostic’. Quite simply, the first letter of each line make up the title! I picked the title at random – just popped into the vacant space in my head!

I had fun – hope you enjoy! We’ll see how creativity is affected over the coming days! 🙂

Falling deep
In lovers moat
Nearing bottom
Defying float

Yelling, screaming
Out comes naught
Under hears but
Roaring mute

Wondering now why
All is quiet
Yawning mouth, arms all riot

Searching desperately for air
Learning there is nothing there
Opening to something new
What is this light? Who knew?
Letting go, leaving weight
Spirit yearns for lighter height


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

All rights reserved


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