So exciting! Picked up my first published poetry collection (Poems About…(Vol I)) from the printers yesterday! Whoopee! This was great fun – putting together a selection of different styles and subjects (used some from April and others pre-blog and non-blog!!)
This is what the books look like….

Trying to cover all the bases (!!) I have also published as a softcover on (here) so anyone in the world can get a copy!! YAY!! – isn’t that just an amazing thought? Blows my mind!(yep…showing my age a little! 🙂

and for the techies, as an ebook on smashwords (here) – and that thought just drives me into overdrive!! 🙂

For those of you in South Africa you can contact me direct at and we can arrange an eft and P&P or (much more fun!) if you’re in the Pretoria/Centurion area I’m always up for a coffee, a chat and delivery!! 🙂

After writing academic papers, articles, training manuals, short stories and the novel, it is so much fun to be writing more poetry again. I had forgotten the variety of styles, subjects, etc. we can employ and play with – all the while expressing ourselves and how we see life and the world. Sooo enjoying this! I used to put many to music too, so watch out! When the arms and hands will let me plonk the keys or strum the strings anything could happen! 🙂 – You have been warned! 🙂

A BIG Thank you for all the visits and ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ that have rolled in. It’s so great to be touching in, sharing creativity, time and energy – from all over the world…my brain still rocks! Love it…thank you! The days seem to be getting shorter and so much more to see, do and feel.

Thank you for sharing this space, and your space, with me! It’s humbling to see and read so many great writers out there…and to have the opportunity to learn from you all! Again…thank you!

See you in cyberspace… 🙂


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