Time, Life, Hope

Time through brimming portals seen,
Obvious and yet,
So often placed in boxes tight,
Binding freedom to forget.

Tying places, holding scenes,
Keeping memory intact,
Yet through every moment fading,
We’re losing perceived fact.

In turbulent times, when all confused
Turn back for new direction,
How can yesterday, things meant for then,
Bring new hope and salvation?

Every moment gives new life,
Experiences to be shared,
Holding to past ways and means
Leaves nothing to be dared.

No growth, no freedom to express
The inner truth we hear,
Just other’s paths and other’s ways,
History and fear.

Move on, move up, where light awaits,
The call of spirit and soul,
Feel the life within you move,
Follow where it goes.

Life is ever moving,
Opportunities abound,
Those who live the moment
Find new portals all around.


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014


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