A Fall

Summer swings take flight
Laughter as she hits the height
Beyond which no-one goes
Without losing sense or grip
And feeling freedom for a bit
Come crashing down to a senseless ground
Waiting for all who wish to test gravity

Feel the fall
Crack the bone
Take the knowledge fully home
That beyond the edge
Lies the freedom fall
With a consequence to hurt us all

© Robin McShane June 2014


6 comments on “A Fall

  1. Thanks Christine! (tried to answer last night but WP refused to post!!?). I also look for metaphor and try to write with both 🙂
    Think I’ll make a bumper sticker for our walkers – “We test gravity…and you?” – what do you think? 🙂 🙂 (I use one with wheels if no shopping trolleys around!!)


  2. I love this Rob; it could be taken literally or metaphorically I guess. I always look for metaphor! But it also made me smile (I must be having a good day!) at the many times I have fallen without swinging high but simply walking slowly along, only to find myself flat on the ground resulting many times in panda eyes. This was before and then after diagnosis. But now Ive accepted my four wheeled walking aid it happens much less.

    I lparticularly like the last stanza which, for me, is a great metaphor of life.

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