Incandescent Marks

Incandescent marks flow across the page,
Driving me now on to eternity’s sage,
Expressing deep the innermost me,
Displaying all there is to see,

Never having reached this far or this fast,
The end is now in sight at last,
Forgetting darkness, dispersing fright,
Moving onward direct to light.

The page before perpetually glows,
An inner light it only knows,
Reaching for the soul within,
Forgiving thinking, deeds and sin

Testament to fields of life,
Exploring planes, dimensions rife,
Changing states as needs require,
Soul evolving higher and higher,

Moving in, moving out,
Forever listening for the shout
Of heavens call from source divine
To bring me home this heart of mine.

© Rob McShane – June 2014
All rights reserved


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