I Will Survive

It bit me deep,
Turned blood to stone,
Dripping tears,
Shed all alone.

A loss so great I could not count,
Nor feel, nor hide, no cost amount,
But pain a strange bedfellow makes,
With guarded smacks and hallowed shakes.

And somehow life keeps creeping back,
I know not how, I tried the lack,
So, picking up where I’d left off,
I stood, shook body, dusted off.

Life knocked me down, a chance to grow,
Or wallow in a self-made glow,
With fingers reaching for the light
Yet finding nothing but darkest night.

I will survive

© Robin McShane 2014
All rights reserved


7 comments on “I Will Survive

  1. This is a great poem Rob and you have written it in such a universal way so it could apply to anyone about almost anything. But I relate to it very much in connection with my MS. Lovely.


      • Im doing ok thanks Rob; setting off in a few minutes to the hospital for my 6 monthly neurology review. The hoapital is a horrible old building almost derelict with lots of it boarded up. They seem to think MS isnt an important enough condition to have a place in the main large hospital!! Anyway even if its a depressing place I will still be smiling! :).


  2. Thank you for your comment Alee. I really do appreciate your reading and commenting. It means so much when you know your writing has touched home, doesn’t it!? 🙂
    Of course you may keep a copy – thank you for asking – I am chuffed that you would like to do so! You write so well yourself that it means a lot. Thank you….


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