Moments Daze

Grey cold light of day
Creeps across the land,
Something moves out there
Something out of hand.

It sucks in all the light,
A black hole swallowing deep,
So many lives it takes,
So much to hold and keep.

Light tries hard, recovering ground,
Dark reacts fast with it’s display,
And moving fast across the land,
Destroys, devours all in it’s way.

Good people stand, defying curse,
Watching home and hearth dispersed,
Run to save their loved ones close,
As light gives way to something worse.

Destruction lies behind the thing,
Wood now scattered, bricks and tin,
Lives in ruin, comunities torn,
Everything wasted, where to begin?

Torrential rain, winds ablaze,
Tornado running, lightning haze,
Thunder roaring, air devoured,
Life now changed in moments daze.

© Robin McShane 2014
All rights reserved


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