The Better Way

With so many choices coming at me every day,
Which ones do I choose?
Which become ‘the better way’?

Experience a teacher, intuition better still,
As I weave through life’s experiences,
And follow where they will.


5 comments on “The Better Way

  1. We can but try Rob. We do our best, make the choices we think are right for us and let go. if the choice turns out to be the “wrong” one we learn and begin again.

    A thought provoking poem for me, thank you.

    I made a choice to attend a vegan festival just for an hour yesterday with my daughter. It was at a hotel which turned out to be ill-equipped for the disabled. I was humiliated and felt degraded as I was bundled into a grotesque service lift with stall holders and all their equupment for setting up their stalls just in order to get to one part of the event which was on a split level loor. But after the expeience I also chose to stay and I bought a couple of items. I looked on it as an achievement with everything stacked against me. My daughter was more upset for me. And I felt for her too.

    I am writing to the hotel and the organisers of the festival suggestung they liaise before booking pr allowing a booking at the hotel in future. It simply wasnt suitable for such an event. I saw others atruggling too. Sorry for the rant but at least it was about choices! 😊


    • And you made a wise one seemingly! Good for you! 🙂 spent yesterday at a MS wellness day where we workshopped ‘tips & tricks’ for many of the issues we face. Was so good as the thrust was ways to live with MS and making ‘good’ choices to prevent /alleviate many issues. Will be on the website when written up! A really great few hours! 🙂


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