She Wondered In

So, after the joys of April, back to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday post! Hope you enjoy!

She came wondering,
About what I was never sure,
I thought that I was ready,
For the following furor.

She challenged all my thoughts,
Long held as strong and true,
Shone light on my perceptions,
So I could see right through.

Amazing all these years,
Thinking I had been so right,
Stubbornly, sincerely,
Holding tight with all my might.

Cracks had started to appear,
She whispered secrets still,
Ringing through my spirit,
Breaking through my ring of steel.

Of course I could have chosen
Not to listen, to hold my course,
But I’ve been that way before,
And ended up far worse.

So, gently standing back,
Letting soul and spirit rise,
I feel a new awakening,
A presence of surprise.

I’m a work in progress,
Well, really, aren’t we all?
As we stumble through our lives,
Making choices great and small,

Settling where we can,
On rock or sea or sand,
Taking every moment offered
For the greater stand,

And accepting as we walk,
There is always a better plot,
Then forgiving at each step,
The indent where we trod.


4 comments on “She Wondered In

  1. A silent tear I shed,
    when your poem I read.
    It struck a chord,
    Through a heart gored.
    Will I dare
    to face the bull again?

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


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