Farewell and Hello! – (NaPoWriMo Day 30!)

And so to the last day of NaPoWriMo! The prompt? To write a poem of farewell.
Of course, this may be the end of April and poetry month,
but tomorrow is a new month and a new day,
so who knows what that may hold for us all?
How very exciting!

Do hope you all enjoy this – and a HUGE Thank You for all the likes and follows.
It is a privilege to have you pop in and say ‘Hi’ and a pleasure to share in your writings.
Long may we all stay bound by our love of words, meaning and purpose.
Hopefully, this is just the beginning…and I’ll see you all tomorrow…or soon! 🙂

So, to the poem:

A breath I breathe,
My final heave,
Farewell to the world.

Spirit’s stress,
Sweet caress,
Life so torn and twirled.

Return I will,
Before the trill
Of night birds singing hurled.

To write my way,
With poem’s sway,
And words so soft and curled.


7 comments on “Farewell and Hello! – (NaPoWriMo Day 30!)

    • Sorry to hear you’re a little down. S’okay though…Try rest as much as you can yes? ‘Cause you’ll be bouncing back soon! 🙂 Thanks for reading and chatting. Take good care of yourself… Let the cold work its way out and the immune system balance… If ours ever do! 🙂 thoughts with…

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  1. Proud of you Rob for completing Napowrimo 2014! Plz keep on blessing us with your poetry : )

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


  2. Oh my. The poem is great, but my heart caught on, “may we all stay bound by our love of words….” Almost sounds like an Irish toast (lifting my diet Pepsi, wiping a poet’s tear from my eye).


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