A Soul’s Journey – NaPoWriMo Day 24

There I walk along the street
A loved one by the hand
Squeeze them tight
Hold them close
Love deep in the land

Tarry not
Do not fret
I won’t be long away
As earthly time divests my power
And takes my breath away

Despoil me not
Deride me not
For it is I you seek
Yet find me in the strangest place
Buried in you deep

I am your voice of reason
I am your compass mark
The bearing that you follow
When your way seems lost and dark

I am the soul within you
The part that touches God
I am the greater part of you
Reborn to the path you trod

For it is done
All played and sealed
In thought there’s nothing more
Just play your part, the one you chose
Rehearsed until well-heeled

Take no new road
Opening up
Which seems the way to go
For your vision here is limited
You cannot see you know

All is one
One is all
The journey of the soul
T’was written for us long ago
The path that we must follow

We think we know it well
Can take the way we choose
Yet find that in the end
Return we must or lose

With such a price to pay for this
The so-called freedom choice
We lose our souls, our inner way
And blame this very voice

For when we turn
Away from light
Seeking our own clear way
We hear the voices calling us
Leading us astray

These voices
Come from history past
Of physical recall
We cannot hear their purity
For there is none at all

And yet we listen
Thinking fast
That this must be our call
In fear we trip and run and chase
The echoes of this thrall

Then when we stop and pause for breath
Find silence in the peace
The God of us, our inner voice
Can touch us in this place

We listen
At what we have begun
Find ourselves in places
Where we cannot see the sun

Detracted from the path we set
In our spirit and our soul
To give us reason, purpose here
To answer to our goal

So we return
With empty hands
Excuses on our tongues
And beg and plead our cases
In cold and burnt out drums

Its all been heard and all been said
So many gone before
Souls devouring life on Earth
Souls now, oh! so poor

Opportunities lost
Experiences gone
Never to be seen
Our spiritual destruction
For the part of us that’s been

It answers to a higher call
The over self itself
It answers to the God of all
The one who tried to help

We who thought
That we knew best
Were sure we knew the mind
The greater soul, the larger good
The one we left behind

So scream no more for chances lost
Ask not for more to come
Accept our fate, our choices made
And run before the sun.


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