The Day It Changed – NaPoWriMo Day 20

Then came the day that took it all away,
The life I had, the dreams, the future,
Trashed in moments of pain and cloud and more pain.
Despair became the enemy,
Reasons sought to keep the beast at bay.

Many sat and judged,
Many saw, they say,
Their truth in what they thought was real,
Their perception of their way.

Gates stand open
Pathways to follow,
Choices to make.

Nothing will ever be the same again,
Now there is nothing to hold onto,
No box to keep intact,
Only now there is joy in change,
As each moment becomes alive
With the possibilities that lie
In a Universe of opportunity.
We are blessed, loved and supported
Almost beyond belief
And definitely beyond our understanding.

The experience that crushes our minds
Can free our souls
If we choose so…


6 comments on “The Day It Changed – NaPoWriMo Day 20

  1. Someone gave me a quote the other day rom the Indian movie “The Lunchbox” – “sometimes even the wrong train can take us to the right destination”.. That’s what I got from your lovely poem. 😊


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