Writing Fiction

Writing fiction tears my heart from me,
Rips it right away,
Throws it on the discard pile,
To rot another day.

I try so hard to write some sense
That people might enjoy,
Yet find within my very self
A path without employ.

It costs me dearly, this path I wrought
With heart and mind and soul.
Spent I lie, all tossed and turned
As characters come and go.

Then publishing now the indie route,
On line, on sites, small fee,
Many readers come in fast,
So long I keep it free.

Yet price it now, this part of me
I dare to show, display,
And all the readers who read me free,
They all go run away!

I really hope that with this thought,
An experience proven citing,
It is more about humanity
Than a reflection on my writing.


5 comments on “Writing Fiction

    • know what you mean! – I schedule myself so much time per day on each, doesn’t work very often though! Half way through my second novel (prequel to the first!) and haven’t touched it in 2 weeks! mmm! Too busy with short stories, poems…oh yes…and life!! 🙂


      • Well at least you have a schedule–bravo! I used to think I was a disciplined person–and I am in some ways, but honestly, when there’s an outage and I can’t get to my email and blog–withdrawal comes on quick!


        • :)… How dependant we have become on technology, hey! Very difficult to ‘switch off’…. And there’s still a world out there! 🙂 now we see more of it in one way… And less in others maybe… Sometimes outages are good! 🙂


          • When there’s an outage I always say I’m going to read a book–but I usually just pace, because they’re short–maybe a half hour….I’m hopeless, truly.


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