From Day To Day

It’s taken me a lifetime
To learn what I now know,
The ups and downs of living
The daily highs and low.

Trepidation fills the air,
Suspense it clouds the light,
Fear drives slices through my life
Tries to cut out all that’s right.

Yet opening to my inner self,
Releasing any hurts,
And feeling from the inside out
My soul, it reasserts.

Then comes into its own,
Fulfills its rightful place,
And leads to higher ground,
Ahead of all the race.

Letting go of all control
Of the life I thought I had,
As I enter now each day,
Am I happy, am I sad?

The truth lies somewhere in between,
Vacillations rife,
One beauteous day its all so great,
The next…I’ll take the knife!

So join me as we ride the wave,
Top mountains high and fast,
And find the way, a truer life,
A simpler, smaller task.

© Copyright Robin McShane – April 2014


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