Purpose? Reason?

Life followed me.
Wherever I went, it followed me.
Damned annoying at times.
I just wanted to escape it…and it followed.
Darkest despair; fun and games;
Pain and hurt; love and light;
Brighter times; nursery rhymes.
All of life, all the time, there,
Waiting for me to grab it,
Absorb the fullness,
Enjoy the offering,
Experience it completely.
All my choice, all the time.

With people all around,
Loving, supporting,
Hating, destroying.
All having their say
As they see it.
But they don’t know,
How can they?
It is mine,
Between me and God.
As I cannot know theirs,
They cannot know mine,
My purpose,
My reason,
Only God and my soul know.
So I leave it there
And listen to the guidance
From the voice inside,
The soft, quiet, gentle voice
Of wisdom and knowledge.
The fountain of the stream of our purpose,
Leading us to the river of why we are here,
And the sea of where we will be.

© Copyright Rob McShane – February 2014. All Rights reserved


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